jojourney / ‘dzoe dʒɜː(r)ni/ n. a combination or series of challenging and uplifting experiences through which an individual travels to a new place of reflection, recognised progress or achievement.  It is particularly good for helping to banishing the winter blues.

Create your very own jojourney:

Choose from the following list which jojourney elements you would like to build into your day (3-4 for full day, 2 for a half day)

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Photographic Peregrination

Visit the best landscapes in the Dee valley, explore nature's patterns, get top tips and production know-how - what to do with those stunning memories once you've taken them.


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Booklist Mania.png

Booklist Mania

do you love to read?  and to talk about books?  let's discuss all things books and come up with a feelgood booklist for the next twelve months.  There is also a monthly book up for discussion if you want to delve into one book in depth...

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Campfire Contemplation

Finish your jojourney by the fireside with a hot chocolate to sip on and marshmallows to toast, what better way to ponder the rewards of your day?


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Nature Stroll

listen to the mew of a buzzard high above, find out who's been eating the pine cones or what has dug a burrow that runs right across the path - so much to notice through every walk.

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11. October (1024x723) (2).jpg

Mindful Meander

discover the many benefits of mindfulness, we will explore it through the physical sensations experienced whilst walking, through listening to the gentle sounds of the natural world as we walk, by noticing the patterns around us.


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Culinary Creations

have you always struggled to produce a particular dish? Do you have a gluten-free vegan friend but don't know how to cater for them?  I love tackling kitchen problems and creating delicious solutions.  Together we can unpick a tricky culinary issue and come up with a yummy answer.  Or simply enjoy creating something yummy in the kitchen.

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Creative Curiosity

Carry out various exercises to discover and/or explore your next big project, gather inspiration from a stroll in the outdoors, and investigate ideas through further discussion.

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Navigational Odyssey

learn to use a map and compass to increase your confidence to stray from the beaten path.  Confirm your new-found skills with a treasure hunt.


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Dinas Bran Discovery

an exhilarating clamber to the top of this fascinating hill fort where various medieval Welsh princes have presided, discover more, exercise your imagination, complete a photographic or other form of artistic assignment to investigate the textures and shapes of the ruins.


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Stargazing Spectacular

unravel some of the mysteries of the sky, identify key constellations discover some of the myths and stories behind their names.



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Walking workout

do you want to get fit but hate running?  Do you have a dress or outfit you want to fit into, in time for that special date - experience the ultimate workout - raise your heartbeat (safely) - low impact, so good for joints - and it has a useful side effect, it’s good for creativity as well.